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Sports physiotherapy combines the expertise of a Chartered Physiotherapist, with sports specific knowledge and the biomechanical approach of a sports scientist. Our Sports Physiotherapists have undertaken additional qualifications to achieve this level.

Active VII has elite Sports Physiotherapists at Olympic, GB, England and/or Club level. They have been involved with a number of sports teams and individuals. They are, or have been involved with GB rowing, hockey, triathlons, lacrosse, motor cross, cycling, skiers, England Students Rugby and so on. Many of our physiotherapists have attended Olympic, GB, World, European, International or National sporting events.

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Sports Physiotherapy is concerned with the early and accurate diagnosis and treatment of musculo-skeletal injuries. The treatment goal is to rehabilitate the injury as quickly as possible and ensure an early return to functional activity or sport. Sports physiotherapy also has a role in the prevention of injury.

We receive referrals from the British Olympic Association and English Institute of Sport, Sports coaches and Consultant Orthopaedic surgeons for the biomechanical assessment of sports injuries. Many Olympic and GB athletes recommend us. They include for example – Olympic Rowers – Sarah Winkless, GB Triathletes – Jeremy Laming, National legend, Downhill Mountain Biker -Rob Warner, former Olympic Hockey player -Tammy Miller, England students Rugby players, GB Skiers and so on. We also receive referrals from GB and England doctors, sports coaches and physiotherapists.

Fast cyclists in peleton

Our centre offers a wide range of specialist services and facilities to suit the needs of sports men and women with levels of sports participation ranging from recreational to the elite athlete.

This includes some of the highest qualifications obtainable, such MSc or Post-Graduate Diplomas in Sports Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, MSc in Manipulative Physiotherapy, BSc in Remedial Science and Biomechanics, Diplomas in Injection Therapy (for pain relief), Sports Science, Sports Podiatry and diplomas in Sports Emergency Medicine, First-Aid and Pitch-Side trauma management (recognised standard for Olympic level).

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  • ‘Elite’ Sports Physiotherapy Centre established 1989
  • Sports injuries – Olympic to recreational level
  • Top 15% of UK physiotherapy practices
  • Accredited Practice
  • Fast track diagnosis of your sports injury
  • Fast track treatment, rehabilitation and preventative care for all your musculo-skeletal problems

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