Active VIII Physiotherapy is committed to always look after our patients’ safety and wellbeing.

Public Health England and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy have provided us with the most up to date clinical guidelines with respect to the re-opening of Active VIII.

In accordance with Public Health England we have undertaken thorough risk assessments and implemented strict infection prevention and health and safety control measures for every aspect of our clinic environment and our client’s journey through the clinic.

These measures are fully compliant with current Public Health England guidelines and ensure that we provide the safest environment for everyone:

No more than “One” client is allowed in the clinic at a time, with a stagger of 15 minutes before the next client arrives.
Patients are to wait outside until the therapists calls them in having taken their temperatures with thermal imaging
Only two clinic rooms will be to maintain a 2 metre distance.
Except for emergency – Toilet facilities ARE closed
Active VIII Physiotherapists will be wearing full PPE including FFP3 face masks, face shields and surgical gloves.
A full glass screen covers the reception desk/staff. Reception chairs are spaced 2 metres apart
All surfaces are cleaned and disinfected after each appointment, protecting clients and staff alike.

Telephone Triage :

In the first instance, we are required to undertake a brief telephone “triage” consultation with all of our clients. This will determine if a “face-to-face” or an “online video” physiotherapy consultation is best for you.

In the event of any uncertainty a Physiotherapist will contact you to discuss your clinical needs and how we can best achieve this.

Face-to-Face Consultation: Where clinically appropriate, clients will be offered a face-to-face consultation. Following this the client and therapist will agree as to whether future treatment sessions can be delivered remotely via video consultation or where clinically appropriate continue as “face-to-face” consultations.

Clients, Staff and the General Public: can have confidence in Active VIII’s strict procedures, ensuring the health and safety of everyone.

Medical Insurance: We are recognised by all medical insurance companies and both “in clinic” and “online video” consultations are covered.

Confidence: All reasonable infection prevention and control measures are in place and compliant with Public Health England guidelines

Communication: Via our website updates, Active VIII will provide our clients, staff and the general public with regular updates with respect to Public Health England guidelines and clinic appointments.



Due to concerns of Coronovirus and under Public Health England guidance, to help minimise the spread of COVID-19 and support routine service delivery, we have devised procedures for a phased reopening in order to ensure a safe clinic environment for our clients and staff. This requires us to undertake “Triage Screening” of every patient before we can offer a “face to face” consultation. Should this not be advisable, we can offer online video consultations and rehabilitation programmes.

Should you answer “YES” to any of the Covid-19 screening questions, we may not be able to offer you an “in-house” Clinic appointment. However, we can support you with Online Video Consultations.



Please complete the following questionnaire by “ticking” the appropriate box below​:
Do you have a high temperature (fever) above 38 degrees ? *
Do you have a new or continuous cough, that you have not had before or if you usually have a cough, has it got worse ? *
Have you had a loss or change in your sense of Smell or Taste? *
Does anyone in your household have a high temperature (fever) or a new continuous cough? Or Have you had contact with anyone who has symptoms ? *
Confirmation *


Following a discussion with the clinic secretary, please carefully read all the questions and tick the appropriate box. If anything is not clear your physiotherapist will call you, before you attend for treatment.
Do you understand why a “Face To Face” consultation is justified? *
Do you understand the safety measures that have been put in place to reduce the risks of Covid-19 in attending a face to face appointment? *
Do you understand the procedures for attending the clinic provided in the “Information to Patients” leaflet ? *
Do you understand that close contact may be required during a face to face treatment and that carries inherent risks? *
Do you agree to and understand why you have been asked to wear a face covering whilst attending a face to face appointment? *
Do you understand the cleaning processes in place for treatment areas and the PPE your physiotherapist will be wearing? *
Do you consent for your details to be shared with the NHS Test and Trace system should it be necessary? *
Have all your questions related to attending face to face appointments with respect of Covid-19 been answered? *


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