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Coach and Yoga Instructor


MSc in Psychology of Behavioural change and Neuro Linguistic programming and Experienced Yogi

Clinical Experience

Claire is a qualified coach, dedicated to improving well-being and mental health, having studied an MSc in Psychology of Behavioural change and Neuro Linguistic programming. She has further developed her coaching expertise having studied at length in Mindfulness, Time to think, Listening skills, Happiness, Vulnerability and Leadership. Claire is also an experienced Yogi and has taught individuals and small groups of students wanting to gain experience in a yoga for over 20 years.

Claire’s coaching is on a 1:1 basis, working with clients suffering:

Low self esteem
Anxiety due to grief or life changes
Mental Heath issues due to physical injuries, illness or disabilities
Teenagers suffering adolescent issues
Parents experiencing empty nest syndrome or other parental issues, for example single parenting, following separation or death.
… and much much more.

Claire’s passion is to help all individuals learn to understand how ones emotions impact upon ones behaviours and coping strategies, and aims to enable all her clients to become the ‘best possible you’ – not by striving for perfection but by facilitating ones inner peace with all the emotions and struggles that life presents and in doing so enhance ones ability to enjoy all aspects of life. “The mind thinks better in the presence of reality, attention, encouragement, ease and without interruption”.

Claire is offering 1:1 consultations at ACTIVE VIII  Wednesday afternoons and Thursday 11 – 4pm.

Fees £100/hourly session


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