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Massage Therapy

The Benefits of soft tissue massage are many and varied.  They include:
  • Muscular relaxation and decreased muscle spasm.
  • Decreased pain due to easing of muscle tension and release of your body endorphins
  • Improvement in circulation and reduction in swelling and tissue oedema
  • A feeling of well-being

Massage has been used by physiotherapists since the foundation of the profession.  It is used for the treatment of a whole range of soft tissue problems to tissues such as ligaments, muscle, tendons and fascia.


Physiotherapists commonly use physiotherapy massage techniques to treat a number of problems including: 

  • to treat sprains and strains to ligaments, muscles, tendons and fascia
  • to reduce pain
  • to reduce scar tissue following injury or burns
  • to reduce swelling, bruising and haematomas
  • to alleviate tension and stress
  • to treat painful trigger points and fibromyalgia
  • to improve muscle and tendon and fascial flexibility
  • to improve posture
  • to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage

Active VIII's Physiotherapists utilise a vast array of massage techniques for the direct treatment of the above problems.

Massage-Therapy-1-active-viii-1069   Massage-Therapy-2-active-viii-1069 

Sports and Therapeutic Masseurs

Massage-Therapy-3-active-viii-1069Active VIII's Sports and Therapeutic Masseurs use some of the techniques employed by our physiotherapists.  They are not trained to diagnose your injury or condition, but they have wonderful skills which they can use to provide you with a whole range of benefits including:

  • Reduction of pain from tension and stress
  • Reduction of swelling and bruising
  • Improvement in circulation and removal of toxins
  • Help produce a feeling of well-being
  • Before Sport to stimulate the tissues in preparation for your sport
  • After Sport to help remove toxins formulated during intense exercise and to reduce soreness following sport.  Amongst other benefits.