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Biomechanical Solutions

Pain slows us down and makes our bodies feel unnatural and awkward.  As a result of pain we adopt abnormal postures and develop adverse compensatory motions in other parts of the body when undertaking normal activities such as walking and running. These compensations often cause injuries in other areas of the body.
 Biomechanics is the study of the cause of your injury or problem.  We are able to look closely at your posture and movement using sophisticated motion analysis and foot pressure systems, in addition to measuring muscle strength and other parameters.

Geraldine is highly experienced in Clinical Biomechanics and Sport Injury Biomechanics.  She lectures widely at a number of Universities on MSc programmes, including Musculo-Skeletal Physiotherapy, Sports Injury Biomechanics, Sports Physiotherapy and Sports Rehabilitation. Both Geraldine and Active VIII's physiotherapists are highly skilled in the biomechanical analysis of normal and abnormal postures, walking and running gait and postural dysfunction.

We provide a specialist evidence based biomechanical profiling and gait analysis service to determine the cause of your musculoskeletal problems:biomechanical analysis-1512

  • Consultant orthopaedic surgeons frequently ask our opinion when clients have complex problems that have not been resolved with orthodox and complementary therapies and surgery.

  • We receive referrals from lead EIS physios and other sports institutions for the biomechanical analysis of Olympic and National sports men and women.

  • We have analysed many top athletes including Olympic rowers, GB triathletes, GB marathon runners, GB hockey players, GB Skiers, British downhill Mountain bikers, England Students Rugby players and premier division Rugby players.  To name but a few.

  • Usually such an analysis requires a full biomechanical assessment, although less detailed analysis can also be undertaken.

This profiling is normally undertaken by Geraldine. However, you don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to benefit from this analysis. We have reviewed people from all walks of life and all ages including children and retired people.

Physiotherapy Specialist in Biomechanics

Using sophisticated Biomechanical, Motion analysis and Pressure analysis systems, we can:

  • Analyse Posture, Walking gait and Running Styles 
  • Analyse Sports technique e.g. Rowing, Cycling, Golf, Tennis
  • Provide you with a Bespoke report with recommendations for resolving your problem
  • Fast track physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation based upon sound evidence based analysis
  • Provide prescription Foot Orthotics or off the shelf insoles
  • Provide Footwear (sports, walking) advice
  • Provide Orthoses prescription e.g. specialised knee braces

The Assessment

The assessment incorporates the use of highly sophisticated biomechanical analysis systems including:

  • Motion analysis software programmes
  • RSScan computerised foot scan system
  • Electrical studies of muscle activity
  • Clinical examination of the joints and soft tissues.
  • Evaluation of your footwear
  • Evaluation of your sporting technique

For the assessment, you will need to bring shorts (similar to a swimming costume or lycra shorts- not below the knee) a crop top or short tee shirt and your sports and other footwear.

Analysis and Report

This helps us to diagnose and treat foot, leg and lower back pain or injuries associated with faulty biomechanics.  From this analysis a clinical diagnosis is made and causal factors are identified. This enables us to provide you and your Consultant with an accurate “top to toe” biomechanical report.


Treatment is usually multi-faceted. It may incorporate for example:

  • Prescription of bespoke foot orthotics or simple insoles to place in your shoes
  • Physiotherapy treatment and/or rehabilitation based upon the findings of your biomechanical analysis
  • Further diagnostic tests where necessary i.e.. diagnostic ultrasound or Cybex Isokinetics or EMG muscle analysis
  • Advice on sports technique, sports equipment and footwear
  • Prescription of an orthopaedic brace e.g. for the knee or ankle
  • Referral to other colleagues for treatment or return to sport rehabilitation programmes.

We treat people from all walks of life, from children through to the elderly and have a particular interest in Olympic, Great Britain and National sportsmen and women and recreational sports enthusiasts.

The technology within our Professional digital video analysis software and Biomechanical analysis programme allows us to provide you with:

  • An accurate “top to toe” biomechanical report
  • Automatically generated and individualised strategy on strengthening and stretching
  • A “take away” evaluation from your consultation, which completes the 'loop' between biomechanics, physiotherapy and the specialist footwear technician
  • Deliver a bio-mechanical correct shoe recommendation, with the latest names, models and function of performance running and walking shoes, independent from manufacturers or retailers influence
  • Researchers have identified that the wrong 'type' of running or training shoe as one of the main contributor to overuse injuries.
  • Proper shoe selection should accommodate the individual's biomechanical needs, not just for fit and function but performance too.