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What qualifications do ACTIVE VIII’s Chartered Physiotherapists have?
All practitioners at ACTIVE VIII are fully chartered (MCSP) and registered (HPC) physiotherapists. The term Chartered Physiotherapist is a protected title. This guarantees that:
  • their qualifications are properly recognised
  • they are governed by a professional code of conduct
  • they are covered by professional liability insurance
ACTIVE VIII has a dedicated team of physiotherapists with a minimum of 5 years post-graduate education, experience and a high level of expertise.
All physiotherapists have additional qualifications, some at the highest level, including Master of Science degrees in Neuro-Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy (NMSK) and Manipulation, Sports Physiotherapy, Sports Rehabilitation and Sports Science, or degrees and diplomas in, physical education, injection therapy, orthopaedic medicine, acupuncture, biomechanics, podology, orthotics and footwear and pilates.
What is the difference between Physiotherapy and other forms of complimentary health?
Physiotherapy is an Orthodox Therapy.
Physiotherapy is a medically recognised therapy. ACTIVE VIII's physiotherapists have undertaken at least 3 to 4 years under-graduate training (BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy). Upon qualification physiotherapists undertake rotatations in all areas of medicine and orthopaedics (as Doctors do) for a minimum of 2 to 3 years, including additional post-graduate training before specialising.
In order to embark upon a career in the private sector, chartered physiotherapists will have completed a minimum of 5 further years post-graduate education and experience including post-graduate qualifications, such as Master of Science degrees or Diplomas in allied fields such as acupuncture and pilates.
You can therefore be assured of a high standard of care.
Complimentary Medicine:
There are a growing number of complimentary forms of medicine. Some have high levels of qualifications, whilst others have little or no training or scientific base and may not be regulated by a governing body. The treatment methods used and the length of training therefore varies widely.
The professions of Osteopathy and Chiropractic undertake intensive degree course under-graduate training and continuous professional development once qualified. They are governed by their professional body. Similarly, Sports Rehabilitators have undertaken a 3 year degree in their profession in order to become members of their professional body BASRAT. You can therefore expect a high level of care from these professions.
Sports Therapists have no unified level or length of training. They are able to call themselves sports therapists and register with their professional body regardless of whether they have undertaken a 3 year degree in Sports Therapy or a few weekend courses in the subject. Hence the level of care is varied.
Those who have undertaken a degree in sports therapy have sound scientific basis and skills.
ACTIVE VIII physiotherapists work closely with your GP and your Consultant or Coach
ACTIVE VIII physiotherapists employ a truly holistic approach, encompassing treatment and management of your injury or condition with consideration of your lifestyle, in order to resolve your problem and prevent a recurrence.